Nexx Step

Nexx Step was formed in 2005 by four gentlemen who all loved music, were great singers, and were interested in a singing career. While in a conversation about music they found that they all had grown up in the church with a musical background. From that conversation came Nexx Step. They have performed with groups […]

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Eddie & Denise Daye

The name EDDIE DAYE had been known in the Washington DC area and beyond since before his days with the FOUR BARS singing group of the fifties. Having performed in places like THE BABY GRAND in NYC, CLUB HARLEM in Atlantic City, and THE CASINO ROYAL in Washington DC, Eddie was no newcomer. The several […]

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George Torrence and The Dippers

Bio taken from Sir Shamblings Deep Soul Heaven Washington, DC singer George Torrence started singing doo-wop with local groups, making his first recording with the Caribbeans, who came from New York, for the Galliant label in 1958. He fronted the Dippers who recorded the lovely soulful ballads “Go Away” for King in 1960 and “Such […]

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Pure Soul

  Pure Soul were an all-girl R&B quartet from Washington, D.C. that consisted of members Shawn Allen, Heather Perkins, Keitha Shepherd and Kristin Hall. In 1995, Pure Sugar released their self-titled debut album, which peaked at #173 on the Billboard 200 and #33 on Billboard’s R&B Albums chart. Their first single “We Must Be in […]

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The Stridells

The Stridells, though they ultimately had little impact on the national scene, one of their recordings, “Mix It Up” (co-written and produced by Max Kidd and originally released on his own Yvette Records), was picked up by Curtis Mayfield’s Curtom Records. Mayfield had been looking for a new band to feature, and apparently, they fit […]

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Peaches & Herb

Peaches & Herb were an American vocalist duo, once comprising Herb Fame (born October 1, 1942) and Francine “Peaches” Hurd Barker (April 28, 1947 – August 13, 2005). Herb has remained a constant in “Peaches & Herb” since its creation in 1966, while seven different women have filled the role of “Peaches.” Herb Fame (born […]

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The Acoustics

Another fine vocal group from Washington DC. Produced by Maxx Kidd on The Cherry Blossom label. This song was recorded in 1975. The group members were Herman Lynch, Odell Holder, OJ Reynolds and Charles Perry. Living In Hard Times

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The Presidents

The Presidents were an American soul group from Washington, D.C.. The group’s members were Tony Boyd, Archie Powell, and Billy Shorter. The group scored a hit in the U.S. in 1970 with the Van McCoy produced track, 5-10-15-20 (25-30 Years of Love)”, taken from the Sussex Records album of the same name. The album hit […]

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Special Delivery

Originally called Act 1, the group Special Delivery was a rotating bunch of Washington D.C.-based singers that had a brief moment in the spotlight in 1976. The group had had a minor hit in the UK, but it was the introduction of lead singer, former DC cop Terry Huff, that brought the act to its […]

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H.A.L.O. Heaven Allows Love Only Washington, D.C.’s Premier Vocal Group comprised with members John Bo Sharpe, Ivan Frog Williams, Curtis Blow Warren, Antwan Silky Drayton are known for bringing it. This quartet bring forth so many talents and of course super talented vocals. H.A.L.O. has achieved many awards and have always been down for the […]

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