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Cash Jones – Born in Northeast, Washington DC; Cassius “Cash” Jones was birthed into music being raised around his father Mike Jones and band Jimi Smooth & HitTime. He comes from Northeast Washington DC and is an artist and passionate about his work. He is with Composition League Music Group and has a catalog of music videos and song on the internet from youtube to spinrilla.comCapture

D’Wayne Everett – Known As (G’Town Wayne). Comes Straight Out Of Washington, D.C. “UPTOWN” Northwest. He’s Very Passionate About His Art, and Doesn’t Like The Term RAP ARTIST. His Mission Is To Remain Recognized, & To Become A Pioneer In The Music Scene. Wayne Is All About His Brand, Immidiate Family & Music Family CompLeagueMusicGroup, Positive Vibes, and Will Continue To Remain HIMSELF!

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