Alvin Fisher

Alvin Fisher is a Jazz & R&B Flutist and Washington D.C. native. He started playing flute when he was 8 years old. He was influenced by some of the great musicians of the 20th century — people like Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie the great Frank Wess and Herbie Mann. At 12 years old Alvin met another teenage musician who lived around the corner from him, 15 year old James Purdie a drummer who persuaded a group of older teenage singers and friends called the “Casuals” to let him play with their band and record on the songs they were about to record at the time. Those records would go on to make them known as D.C. Legends “Skip Mahoney and The Casuals”! He played and toured with the band with his buddy Robert “Mousey” Thompson also a DCLM musician who would later go on to play drums with the Godfather of Soul James Brown for 13 years! James Purdie would go on to produce the big hit for Chuck Brown, “Bustin Loose”! As a teenager he also formed a band with his childhood friends, guitarist Tony Contee and keyboardist Louis Oxley. Also DCLM musicians!

In 2005, while working his “day job” at XM Satellite Radio as Director of Information Technology, Alvin Fisher was invited by a host of his musical friends to strut his musical stuff and play his flute before hundreds of people on a popular Smooth Jazz Cruise. All but stealing the show from A-list headliners Norman Brown, Michael Manson, Bobby Lyle, Candy Dulfer, Nick Colionne and Brian Culbertson, the Washington, DC born and raised musician rediscovered the early musical dreams he set aside when he launched a successful 35-year career as an IT manager.

“Although Alvin Fisher has spent most of his adult life being an IT whiz and raising a wonderful family, his passion for music has never left him—and it’s inspiring to see him pursuing his dreams now and sharing his brilliant musical gifts with the world through his CD’s that includes his son excellent guitarist, Alvin Fisher II who definitely inherited his Father’s musical talent. Few of the folks on the jazz cruises knew of Alvin Fisher’s tech background and most didn’t care—he was just an amazing cat, keeping pace and stealing thunder from the heavies they paid to see. Fisher made a powerful impression on the cruise stages, just as he has done playing different types of jazz all over the country, keeping alive the legacy of an instrument that is so important to the history of jazz but all too often overlooked. Starting with his single recording of “La La (Means I Love You)” and his CD “ABSOFLUTELY”, Fisher is now a internationally known flutist who has played with such distinguished Flutist as his friends Holly Hoffman, Althea Renee, Sir James Galway and Bobbi Humphrey! Everyone who has been following his musical evolution knows his music. He’s a soulful force of nature that inspires everyone he touches, musically and otherwise.”

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