Dave Roy

Dave Roy was born and raised in Washington D.C. He started playing the guitar at the age of 12 years old. His dad had started him out with a few chords and he just took it from there. He discovered that he had something special when he would be able to here a piece of music and then play it the way it was on the record. At the age of 17 he went on my first tour while playing with Point Blank, they were also the studio band for Warren Records out of SE Washington DC. A few years later he went on USO world tours while playing with 2000 AD to London England, West Berlin and all over Germany, with national artist such as The True Reflections of Atlantic Records, and Denise LaSalle. He also played for Millie Jackson, Rufus Thomas, members of Paliment Funkadelic, and the Drifters. He has also shared the stage with many national artist like, The Commadores, BB King, Clarence Carter and many other secular artist. He was also the music director for the Legendary Clovers (the group that did Love Potion #9). I also played with a regional touring group called Cazhimere for 10 years along with many other agency bands. He is currently freelancing with a number of groups, with one of the main ones known as Jumptown. He also has his own blues band called Dave Roy and Stacked Deck. Dave is currently working on his third CD. Some of the christian artists that he has played with are The TL Lowery Singers, Authority, The Godd Squad, Dave Roy and Christian Kompany and have recorded with many others.

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