Eddie & Denise Daye

The name EDDIE DAYE had been known in the Washington DC area and beyond since before his days with the FOUR BARS singing group of the fifties. Having performed in places like THE BABY GRAND in NYC, CLUB HARLEM in Atlantic City, and THE CASINO ROYAL in Washington DC, Eddie was no newcomer. The several sides the FOUR BARS cut for the Josie/Jubilee label in NYC also go back a few years and are collector items sought after internationally.

Eddie and his lovely wife Denise worked under the name EDDIE & DENISE and the GOOD TIME BAND. Their maxi/single “SEXY SENIOR CITIZEN” was performed throughout the Washington DC area. For the past several years at least, Eddie had seldom finished a gig without calls for his original blues “SEXY SENIOR CITIZEN”. It had become their signature song and they continue to bring the house down when and wherever they perform it. In January of 1998, after many years of standing ovations and requests for copies, a CD single was recorded. A second original blues, “Soothe Me Baby” by Jim Chitty (another Washington area songwriter), was also included. While Denise played only a supporting role on only the title track she was a gifted singer and dancer in her own right. This had been witnessed by anyone who caught their live show. Performing a wide variety of blues, R&B, jazz, pop, and standard material, the act was not just blues all night but has something for everyone. Before they both passed they developed material for a full length CD which also spotlighted Denise as well as the multi-talented GOOD TIME BAND.

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Eddie was the consummate ‘sexy senior citizen’ and, as one might expect, had a wealth of experience in the music business. On his own DAYCO label he had released many recordings over the years including some gospel, and did early studio work with Donny Hathaway. As owner of the famous SHOWBOAT LOUNGE in DC during the late sixties and early seventies, Eddie covered every aspect of show biz from performing himself to booking other acts while at the same time managing and operating the club.


“SEXY SENIOR CITIZEN” had shown promising signs even as only a self-produced CD single without the support of a record label. DC blues stations have given it some airplay and area retail outlets are beginning to show interest. Now, thanks to CD Baby and the internet, the CD is available worldwide. .

Group Members
Eddie Daye, Lead Vocal; Denise Daye, Female Dialogue; Baruti Adwin, Drums; John Bryan Jr., Trombone; Skip Fennell, Piano; Melvin (Tony) Harrod, Guitar/Musical Director; Johnny Long, Saxophone; John Paul O’Donnell, Bass; Michael Powell, Trumpet.

Sexy Senior Citizen
Soothe Me Baby
Washington City Paper Article



Denise Daye passed away March 27, 2008. She was 55 (born February 18, 1953).
Eddie Daye (born Edward Jasper Daye on 26-July-1930 in Durham, North Carolina — died 6-August-2009 in Washington, DC
Photos Taken By Roy Weinstock

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