The Examiner Interview: As part of the “Know Your History” series, we will recap an interview from 1991 with Mike Hughes of AM/FM who sadly passed away on October 13, 2008. Hughes discusses why AM/FM was DC’s first “Go-Hop” Band. This interview gives insight into the brilliant mind of the legendary “Outta Site” Mike about […]

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The Aggression band came about when the Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown sent drummer Michael Burt to his old band The Los Latino’s who were now called The Dealers. Chuck’s partner Tommy Smith was over-seeing the band. The famous Apple Brothers, John and Ronald Williams were also in this group with John on guitar and […]

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Fathers Children

During the late 70s and early 80s, a local group from Washington D.C. emerged that caught the area by storm. The group was called Fathers Children, and had a very distinct sound that was compared to the likes of Earth, Wind and Fire and other self-contained acts of the time. Their sound was coined “the […]

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The Winstons

The Winstons were a 1960s funk and soul music group, based in Washington, D.C.. They are known for their 1969 recording of an EP featuring a song entitled “Color Him Father” on the A-side, and a song entitled “Amen, Brother” on the B-side. Half-way into “Amen, Brother”, there is a drum solo (performed by G.C. […]

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Trouble Funk

Miles off the radar of popular music during the early ‘80s, Trouble Funk energized their D.C. home with the sound of go-go music, an uproarious blend of swinging, up-tempo ‘70s funk and a ‘60s style horn section. The band formed in 1978, and the lineup coalesced around drummer Emmet Nixon, percussionists Mack Carey and Timothius […]

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Rare Essence

The band developed when four childhood friends: Quentin “Footz” Davidson, Andre “Whiteboy” Johnson, Michael “Funky Ned” Neal and John Jones decided to form a go-go band. After school, the four young musicians gathered together and play top forty hits from such influential bands like Parliament/Funkadelic, Cameo, and Confunkshun in basements. Eventually, the band adapted more […]

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Experience Unlimited

Experience Unlimited (or simply E.U.) is a Washington, D.C.-based go-go band that enjoyed its height of popularity in the 1980s and early 1990s. Fronted by lead singer/bassist Gregory “Sugarbear” Eliot, the group has had a fluctuating membership over the years, but they have maintained a fairly loyal following. The band’s biggest hit was 1988’s “Da […]

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Curtis Johnson and The Eternity Band

Curtis Johnson, former member of Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers, has released his first twelve-inch long playing single recording entitled “Just Gimme That Greenback Dollar Bill”, on the Advance Record label. Since the release of this first album, Johnson has been spending time writing and performing in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. “Greenback Dollar […]

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Osiris (the band), were Osiris Marsh on lead vocals, Tyrone “Ty” Brunson (bass), Maceo Bond (keyboards), Tony Jones (bass), Kenny Jones (drums), Jimmy “Sha-Sha” Stapleton (percussion), Ron Holloway (sax) and Brent Mingle (guitar). Together, they produced the most unalloyed, dirty and downright nasty Funk imaginable. Having two bass players certainly contributed to the rich sound […]

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Black Heat

Black Heat was a 1970s funk band founded by King Raymond Green and discovered by Phillip Guilbeau. Their albums include Black Heat (with guest artist David “Fathead” Newman), No Time To Burn and Keep On Runnin’. The group had one hit single, “No Time to Burn”, which reached #46 on the U.S. Billboard Black Singles […]

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