Marth High

  The lovely and talented, Ms. Martha High, was tagged as one of the, “hardest working ladies in show business!” Martha High was born in Victoria, Virginia and grew up in Washington DC. She used to sing around the house all the time and obviously had a gift. While still in high school, Martha auditioned […]

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Stanley Durbin

( Stan ) was born and raised in Parkside in N.E. Washington D.C. At the age of twelve he discoverd his voice and true calling to be in music. Stanley is a vocalist/producer that has worked with many local talents, starting with Lionel & Leslie Green ( BG Records ), William Sumler ( Gaadir ) […]

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William DeVaughn

William DeVaughn learned to play the piano from watching musicians at the East Capitol Recreation Center in Southeast Washington, DC. Influenced by Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions, DeVaughn started a trio called the Dacrons with Steve Wade and Leon MacManus. Shortly after the group broke up, he answered an ad in Billboard Magazine from a […]

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Sam Taybron

Sam Taybron Founder and lead singer for the group Love Station has been writing, singing, producing and performing in the D.C. Metropolitan area since the early 1980’s. The group was formed on the campus of Shaw University in 1976 and settled in Washington in 1981 to persue the dream of Music. It was during this […]

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Michael Muse

In an era of declining songwriting skills and auto tune crooning, Michael Muse embodies the best traditions of R&B/Soul music as a vocalist, songwriter and producer. His velvet voice is unique and mesmerizing, captivating audiences across the nation. It was inevitable that MichaelMuse’s talent would capture the world since his gift was discovered at the […]

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Lady Mary

Introducing Lady Mary she’s a powerful R&B, Southern Soul, Motown and Oldies Singer. Her stage presence and infectious personality surely grabs everyone’s attention. Singing comes very natural to this music veteran who began her career at the early age of seven. Her first experience singings begin in the church choir at Southern Baptist Church in […]

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Gregory Cooper

Gregory Cooper – The man with a million voices has been entertaining audiences worldwide with his exciting style and awesome talent. He has performed with such artist as Patti LaBelle, B.B. King, The Temptations, Muhammad Ali’s Birthday Gala and many more. His list of accomplishments includes an unforgettable appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Mr. Bill […]

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Tiya Ad’e

Tiya has recorded and performed with an array of bands and musicians throughout her musical career. A native Washingtonian, Tiya performed for over 16 years as the resident vocalist with 3rd Generation Band at the historical Channel Inn Hotel until its closing. In addition, for over ten years she has been working as the lead […]

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Ignatius Mason

IGNATIUS Vocalist, Drummer, Producer, Sound Engineer, Production Manager. Any of these could be a separate career, but, these are the titles that make up the whole. “There are people who only know me as a vocalist, and then there are people who only know me as a drummer, and are surprised that I sing,“ Says […]

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